The Money Guy Net Worth Tool

Know exactly where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. We know this tool isn’t actually magical, but sometimes it feels that way.

  • Stay motivated and hit your financial goals faster! 
  • Calculate and track your net worth
  • Automatically measure growth over time

Make it easy to stay motivated and on track.

Don’t get stuck wondering how your financial progress measures up to your financial goals. This tool tells you exactly what your net worth is today and creates a dashboard showing where you are on your wealth building journey.

Tracking our net worth each year has been incredibly powerful. We wanted to make that process accessible to everyone, so we’re sharing the very tool we use ourselves.

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16 Years of Simplified Financial Strategies

The Money Guy Show was created to help people build wealth and own their time. Brian Preston (CPA, CFP®, PFS) and Bo Hanson (CFA, CFP®) put the personal in personal finance and generously share their knowledge - simplifying complex ideas and going beyond common sense.

2.5 Million Monthly Views & Downloads

What started as a genuine desire to give back has grown into a far-reaching community of "Financial Mutants" on a mission to own their time. Join us weekly on YouTube and podcast platforms.

40+ Years of combined experience

Yes, we still get excited about the numbers after all these years. We love creating holistic financial plans as fee-only fiduciary advisors, then sharing our experience with The Money Guy family.

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What to Expect

30 Minutes

Of unique video content from Brian and Bo

1 Tutorial

Showing you exactly how to use the tool

1 Tool

Powered by Microsoft Excel

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How it Works

1. Take inventory of your financial life.

In order to set the right financial goals for your future self, you have to know where you’re starting today. This tool, powered by Microsoft Excel, gives you the framework to take stock of exactly what you own, what you owe, and what your overall Net Worth is right now. 

2. Get clarity on your goals.

Our Dashboard tab has tangible milestones built-in and measures them for you over time. Enter up to 30 years of data to see how your financial life has changed and grown over the years. Not only will it walk you through what to track, but it will calculate your growth over time automatically.

3. Celebrate your successes!

We know this tool isn’t actually magical, but it can feel that way! We’ve heard over and over again - watching the numbers go up over time brings overwhelming confidence. It shifts your mindset, helping you view your everyday financial life as part of your long-term, life-changing goals. 

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Add some order to your financial journey.

You don’t have to be an excel wizard to track your net worth like a pro. We opened up Excel and did the heavy lifting for you with The Money Guy Net Worth Tool. Confidence in your financial journey is possible! This is a great first step to help you get there.

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Your purchase includes:

  • The Net Worth Tool compatible with Microsoft Excel (free and paid recent versions)
  • The Net Worth Dashboard to track your progress automatically
  • Instructional videos from Brian & Bo


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