Know Your Number and How to Reach It!

Find out how much wealth you need, when you'll get there, and ways to speed the process. Own your time with the Know Your Number course:

  • Make sure you're on track for retirement
  • Identify ways to hit your goals faster
  • Account for variables like inflation & rate of return
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16 Years of Simplified Financial Strategies

The Money Guy Show was created to help people build wealth and own their time. Brian Preston (CPA, CFP®, PFS) and Bo Hanson (CFA, CFP®) put the personal in personal finance and generously share their knowledge - simplifying complex ideas and going beyond common sense.

2.5 Million Monthly Views & Downloads

What started as a genuine desire to give back has grown into a far-reaching community of "Financial Mutants" on a mission to own their time. Join us weekly on YouTube and podcast platforms.

40+ Years of combined experience

Yes, we still get excited about the numbers after all these years. We love creating holistic financial plans as fee-only fiduciary advisors, then sharing our experience with The Money Guy family.

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Designed to help you define and achieve your goals.

Spot the finish line & shift into overdrive.

Financial freedom and retirement sound great, but do you really know where you’re at in the process and how you’re trending? The Know Your Number course was designed by the Money Guy to help you clarify your wealth goals so you can not only meet them, but actually get there faster.

This course and accompanying tools will help you dial in custom variables around lifestyle, goals, and even life expectancy - all while factoring in potential speed traps like inflation and rate of return so you can put together a practical plan for the future.


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Featured in:

What to Expect

92 Minutes

Of unique video content from Brian & Bo

5 Modules

Walking you through the calculations

1 Tool

That calculates your number for you

100% Access

To our private Facebook group to get your questions answered

45 Minutes

The average length of the private livestreams with Brian & Bo

10 Worksheets

Helping you apply what you learned in the video lessons

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How it Works

1. Watch video lessons.

You won't be left guessing what the homework means, how to do the calculations, or how to navigate the tool. Brian and Bo always break it down for you with lots of case studies, visuals, and statistics.

2. Build your plan.

Through in-depth homework assignments, conversation in the Facebook group, and private livestreams with Brian and Bo, you'll have tons of opportunities to apply what you've learned and get motivated.

3. Hit your goals!

Financial Independence is in reach. End this course knowing exactly how much you need to save each month to live the life you want in retirement. Experience the freedom that comes from having a clear goal and path to get there! 

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Add some relief to your retirement planning.

Eliminate the guesswork on your financial strategy: calculate your number and ways to ensure you hit it with time to spare.

  • Illuminate your blindspots so you can hit your goals faster.
  • See your financial finish line & keep your eye on the prize!
  • Find opportunities to recalibrate your finances to finish strong.

Know Your Number Course


  • 16 video lessons
  • Homework assignments walking you through each calculation
  • One awesome tool that calculates your retirement number and shows you how to get there
  • Access to our private Facebook group and exclusive livestreams

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