Financial Order of Operations® Course: Maximize Your Army of Dollar Bills!

Knowing exactly what to do to grow your money can feel like a mystery. Turns out, money does have an instruction manual. 


This online course will show you the nine, tried-and-true steps to make the most of your money and secure your financial future. 



âś” Prioritize every single dollar that comes your way.

âś” Identify weaknesses in your cash flow.

âś” Build your wealth using the money you have now.


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Do you fear you're making the wrong financial decisions? Are you overwhelmed by all the financial advice out there?

Like many people, you've probably been working hard to secure your financial future - but how do you know if you're "doing money" the right way?

What if the choices you're making today are actually ruining your shot at future success?

The truth is, wealth building comes down to nine key steps.

Remember "PEMDAS" from grade school? It was a set of rules that showed you how to solve math problems. Just like math, the order in which you do things matters when it comes to finance. 

You can use this same approach to transform your financial mindset, get your head in the game, and make your army of dollars work just as hard as you do.

For a detailed overview of our 9-step system, check out this article: FOO – Your Ultimate Guide to the Financial Order of Operations


The Financial Order of Operations® will empower you to:

  • Understand how today's decisions affect your future finances.
  • Uncover obstacles that are sabotaging your wealth-building efforts.
  • Build a clear roadmap to reach your retirement goals.

This course makes knowing what to do with your money clear.

Get a full classroom experience hosted by experts Brian Preston and Bo Hanson from The Money Guy Show.

Brian and Bo are sharing everything they learned on their own paths to financial success: the ups, the downs, and most importantly - where the next dollar should go.


12 exclusive online video lessons

Brian and Bo will walk you through each step of the Financial Order of Operations. These in-depth videos are packed with expert advice that will set the foundation of your financial roadmap.

Homework to accelerate your success

You'll walk through easy-to-understand homework assignments after each lesson, so you can immediately apply these financial principles to your life. Your results will show where you can improve before proceeding to the next step.

Exclusive access to wealth-building resources

Jumpstart your financial success with access to course-participant only resources. Join a private Facebook group with other course participants and exclusive live streams with Brian and Bo!

Imagine a Life Full of Financial Abundance

It all begins with this exclusive classroom experience:

Learn the Financial Order of Operations®.

These proven steps break down wealth-building into a simple process that anyone can put into action. 

Apply each step to your finances.

You'll learn how to customize each step to your own personal financial situation.

Grow your wealth!

After completing this course, you can Immediately put these steps into action, and feel confident knowing you're on the path to financial abundance.

Everyone Should have the Opportunity and Knowledge to Build Incredible Wealth.

You may have heard about the Financial Order of Operations® on The Money Guy Show.

This course goes much deeper - you'll learn how to create a customized roadmap that will take your wealth to the next level, you'll have access to exclusive wealth-building resources, and you'll be assigned homework that will guide you to success every step of the way. 

The teaching included in this course aren't available anywhere else, and they will help you identify exactly what's been missing from your financial strategy.

You won't find gimmicks or get-rich quick schemes here - just solid advice from experts who are sharing how to build your wealth from scratch.


What you can expect from the Financial Order of Operations® Course

Your registration gives you access to a 12 video curriculum packed with everything you need to know about securing your financial future. Here’s what’s in store when you register:


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  • 12 exclusive video lessons
  • 27 additional FAQ videos
  • Homework assignments that walk you through each step
  • Access to our private Facebook group and exclusive live streams with Brian & Bo

Tomorrow's success begins with the decisions you make today.

Are you ready to secure your financial future and build a life full of abundance?